A Bold Smart Community Initiative

A Letter From The CEO

SafeCityGIS is a strategically planned initiative that has a specific vision, goals, and objectives: to deploy the very best Esri based GIS and analytical software solutions in Police and Sheriff Departments, Fire and EMS, Comm Centers, and Emergency Operations Centers (EOC). Our seven guiding principles:

We must invest in our future and use our geospatial and database tools to make better and more informed decisions to protect and serve our communities. SafeCityGIS is a way to see the world around us and protect and serve.We are becoming a smarter and safer community. You may already own the licensing to the Esri software- let us deploy it for you!


With deep commitment,

David A. Holdstock | CEO

Geographic Technologies Group

What you will experience with safecitygis

Scalable Applications


Improved Public Safety Efficiency


Increased Citizen Engagement


The next level in public safety

SafeCityGIS is the next step in technological advancements in public safety departments. Our GIS software, combined with Esri applications, empowers employees with improved analytics and data analysis.

Client Success Stories